Love YOU Projects


Feed Me: Nuba

Feed Me Nuba is a project to feed the people of the Nuba Mountains in Sudan. More than that though, it is about ending a genocide by starvation. Through partnerships and networks, best left anonymous due to the security situation, ATC is working to open a supply line from Juba, South Sudan to transport food and medicine to the persecuted. Read More

Hydrate Me: Congo

 Hydrate Me Congo is a project to provide one of the most basic necessities of life, clean drinking water, to the people of eastern Democratic Republic of Congo. For a great explanation of why this resources is so precious check out the blog by our friends at TW Controls LLC, Congo. Why Water? ( Read more on our Hydrate Me Congo project!

Teach Me: Akuak Rak

Teach Me Akuak Rak is a project to raise up a generation of leaders, not warlords in South Sudan. Through a partnership with Christian Reaching Ministry in South Sudan, YES Ministries in the US, and First Baptist Church Pensacola, ATC is helping to provide first class primary education influenced by a Christian worldview to children victimized by war. Read More




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