Refugio Solté

Years ago God revealed His vision to David & Joy Fuller, Directors of Answering the Call, to establish a refuge, a place of retreat, and a place of training for Kingdom ministers from around the world. God in His infinite wisdom, which we seldom understand, opened the way for this refuge to begin unfolding in the jungles of Costa Rica in 2002. Land was purchased, a road was cleared and formed up a weaving, steep mountain while God's people rallied through obstacles, hard work, sweat and tears until Refugio Solte' was established.

The ministry at Refugio Solte' has provided many tired, broken and discouraged people have found rest, be renewed in their mind, body and spirit, a place where they are offered Biblical training, and a place where life, love and encouragement are poured into their weary souls. The heart and focus of Refugio Solte' is founded on three goals: Rest, Renewal and Training.

Visit Refugio Solte website to find out more about the amazing center and how you can get involved.


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